Wednesday, January 26, 2005

NetFlix - The Value, or lack thereof?

Mike posted an entry under THIS and THAT about the value, or lack thereof, with online rental programs, such as NetFlix, WHSMITH, or Amazon UK who is coming ou with a similar DVD rental program.

Mike, I suppose it's subjective, but I use NetFlix and find it to be an excellent value.

Sometimes, if I'm in the mood, I'll watch a ton of movies, all for under twenty US bucks a month, and because NetFlix has a 24 hour turnaround time out here in California, I can crank out as many as 9 movies a week, if I wanted to.

But usually, I'm the exact opposite, and too busy to bother watching any TV at all. If a month goes by, and I don't actually watch any movies through NetFlix, I'm only out twenty bucks, and so I don't really feel cheated, because of the tons of movies I watched the month prior....But just in case, it's awfully nice to see those DVDs sitting on top of my TV...Life is all about Options!

The best benefit is really convenience. I LOVE, absolutely love, not needing to run out to the video rental store. Movies magically appear in the mail, and there are no late fees, and the movie can sit there for as long as I desire.

Blockbuster has started its own version of a NetFlix type of rental scheme. Still, though, I'm sticking with Netflix because the less drive-time, the better!