Wednesday, January 26, 2005

RadioShark and Conspiracy Theorists

Often times I sit in front of my computer, late at night, pondering the meaning of Peanuts, reading through the blogsphere, and generally wasting away, late in the dark, dark hours.

Bored with silence, I enjoy listening to CoastToCoastAm, so I can get my daily dose of conspiracy theory under my belt.

I suppose I could play my AM radio, but with all this modern technology staring me in my face, I choose to listen to my favorite broadcast via streamlink.

However, sometimes the link goes down, or the commercials are a complete bore, or I choose to be normal and work at 1pm in the afternoon.

What to do...What to do.

Well, Mitch Kapor has given a thumbs up to a new product called RadioShark put out by Griffin. It's a nifty looking "FIN" shaped object that sits on your desk, and it records radio broadcasts into your harddrive, and operates much like TiVo. It sells for about $70, accesses your system via USB port, and it appears to be very, very cool.

This may be the solution I'm looking forward.

Look out, Sunshine, Conspiracy Theorists are about to infiltrate the daylight!