Monday, January 24, 2005

Revenge Of The Red Baron (1994)

A fairly unknown film, from 1994, here's the plot summary, courtesy of the IMDB:

"Once he fought in the name of honor, now he will fight in the name of family. His glory days behind him, Grandpa Spencer appears doomed to sit in his wheelchair and watch his family come apart. But fate is not content to let this World War I Fighter Ace fade away. An ancient curse on the Spencer family threatens their very lives. The infamous Red Baron has returned to take revenge on the man who shot him down. Grandfather, grandson and daughter-in law must unite to fight the infamous Red Baron; because this time it's their last chance."

There are, suprisingly, some very big players in the cast, including Mickey Rooney as Grandpa Spencer, Lorraine Newman as Carol Spencer, and Tobey Maguire as Jimmy Spencer.

While this may not be the greatest film on earth, it's one for the books, if you're at all interested in a funny, unscary, dumb movie about a possessed Red Baron toy.

Perhaps they should have created a possessed Snoopy to fight the Red Baron, and maybe have Pixar animate it?