Monday, January 24, 2005

Snoopy's First...

Ramblings of a Peanut-Head, 4th week of January, 2005:

Here's a few notable Firsts for Snoopy:

1. Snoopy Enters the Stage for the first time: October 4th, 1950

2. Snoopy Joins the Baseball team: April 12th, 1957

3. Snoopy First Sleeps on the Doghouse: December 12th, 1958

4. Snoopy Becomes a Writer: July 12th, 1965

Or, you could learn about the Five Stages at A Whole Lotta Nothing

My Dad holds a doctorate in Education, and he's been working his entire life building programs in California for underpriveledged children, aka: "kids at risk". He's in his late 60's, and I was reading about master educator/rap artist Ron Clark from Steve Spangler's BLOG...I remember this guy from Oprah Winfrey...Made me wonder...What would my Dad sound like in a rap? Should I call him, Doctor-D-Ditty?

Well, I could sit here and roll out George Carlins 7 Naughty words you never say on TV...But so much has changed in the last 35 years, that I think I've heard just about every word mentioned on the list. In any event, Ross Mayfield has uncovered the 10 words of the year, according to Webster, Flick, #1 word, of course, is BLOG! As George Carlin might say...Bloggin A!